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Bromo Ijen Tumpak Sewu Tour Package From Surabaya

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Bromo Ijen Tumpak Sewu Tour Package Surabaya 4 Days

Bromo Ijen Tumpak Sewu Tour Package Surabaya – Are you prepared to explore the hidden treasures of East Java with a knowledgeable local guide? Allow me to introduce you to Bromo Ijen Tumpak Sewu Tour Transport (MOBITO), a team of enthusiastic individuals who have been organizing unforgettable adventures in this area for a decade.

Together, we have developed an ideal Bromo Ijen Tumpak Sewu tour package from Surabaya, carefully curated to immerse you in the awe-inspiring landscapes, vibrant culture, and authentic experiences that East Java has to offer. Brace yourself for the creation of everlasting memories!

Mount Bromo, Kawah Ijen Volcano and Tumpak Sewu Waterfall East Java

Mount-Bromo-And-Tumpak-Sewu-Waterfall-East-Java-qj2ghprk1fc88mdis21mg0aqrenuidvra0r5ua2zls Bromo Ijen Tumpak Sewu Tour Package From Surabaya

Mount Bromo East Java

Imagine starting your day before sunrise, bundled up to keep warm in the mountains, as the first rays of sunlight create a stunning golden glow over the volcanic landscape of Mount Bromo.

Imagine a picturesque scene where volcanic ash creates a beautiful tapestry of red and orange hues, as the sun rises and casts its light upon a vast expanse of craters and smoking calderas.

Mount-Bromo-Crater-Lake-East-Java-Indonesia-300x197 Bromo Ijen Tumpak Sewu Tour Package From Surabaya

As you look out across the barren landscape, you’ll witness dust devils playfully dancing, while wispy strands of smoke emerge from the active Bromo crater, carrying with it a faint and sulfurous whisper from within.

In the distance, you’ll hear the rhythmic boom of eruptions, blending harmoniously with the crackling sound of volcanic rocks beneath your feet.

The crisp mountain air around Mt Bromo, tinged with the smoky scent of volcanic ash, leaves a unique and subtly metallic aroma that lingers on your clothes and in your hair.

Kawah Ijen Volcano East Java

Mount-Ijen-Volcano-Sunrise-and-Blue-FIre-Indonesia Bromo Ijen Tumpak Sewu Tour Package From Surabaya

Experience the mesmerizing spectacle of the “blue flames” dancing in the depths of Ijen Crater, a surreal sight against the dark night sky.

We can visualize descending into a dark abyss, where the night sky sparkles with countless stars overhead. The only sounds we hear are the crackling of flames and the escaping volcanic gases from deep within the earth. 

Additionally, the air carries a strong sulfuric scent, a reminder of the overwhelming power beneath us. We will witness the mesmerizing blue fire phenomenon, an incredible sight only visible at night.! this bromo ijen tumpak sewu tour package surabaya will offer you best detailed information of east java trip. 

Tumpak Sewu Waterfall East Java

Feel the refreshing mist of cascading waterfalls against your skin as you explore the hidden paradise of Tumpak Sewu, where water rushes through lush green canyons.

Emerge from the jungle canopy and behold a stunning view of waterfalls, each one a sparkling ribbon of clear water plunging into verdant canyons.

A-photo-of-tourists-visiting-Tumpak-Sewu-Waterfall_-a-popular-tourist-destination-in-East-Java-300x197 Bromo Ijen Tumpak Sewu Tour Package From Surabaya

We can hear the powerful roar of the waterfalls, creating a symphony of awe-inspiring might. Feel the refreshing spray on your skin, carried by the gentle breeze that whispers through the trees.

We can smell the rejuvenating scent of fresh water and the earthy fragrance of the rainforest that fills the air.!

This isn’t just a regular trip, it’s an incredible adventure that will awaken your senses and leave you in awe. Are you ready to embark on an unforgettable journey through East Java? Join us on the Bromo Ijen Tumpak Sewu tour and discover the magic for yourself.

Mount Bromo Sunrise, Ijen Blue Fire and Tumpak Sewu Waterfall

Mount Bromo Ijen Crater and Tumpak Sewu Tour Experience the best of East Java’s natural beauty on this adventure tour of Mount Bromo, Ijen Crater, and Tumpak Sewu Waterfall.

See the spectacular sunrise over the volcanic peaks of Bromo, admire the stunning blue flames and turquoise lake of Ijen, and explore the majestic waterfalls of Tumpak Sewu and Goa Tetes Waterfall.

Mount Bromo Sunrise

bromo-sunrise-summit Bromo Ijen Tumpak Sewu Tour Package From Surabaya

We can Imagine standing on the edge of Mount Bromo’s caldera, with the crisp air filled with anticipation.

In the distance, the first light of dawn covers the horizon with a soft amber tone, creating long shadows on the vast expanse of volcanic sand.

As the sun rises, the volcanic landscape becomes a mesmerizing display of fire. The ash-covered peaks glow in shades of red and orange, while swirling smoke dances in the brightening sky.

Witnessing this iconic sunrise at Mount Bromo is a moment that every adventurer will remember.

But Mount Bromo is much more than just a sunrise:

  • We can Explore the active crater at Mount Bromo and experience the heat emanating from the earth’s core. See fumaroles hissing and spitting vibrant colors.
  • We can also Trek through unique terrains of volcanic sand and ash, passing by silent lava flows and ancient Hindu temples.
  • Discover hidden valleys filled with wildlife and blooming wildflowers.
  • Be amazed by the expansive “Bromo Sea of Sand” when standing on the caldera’s edge.
  • We can Observe jeep trails traversing the landscape, leading adventure seekers on their next exploration.!

Exploring the Ijen Crater Blue Fire: A Dance of Flames in the Dark

Ijen-Blue-Fire-East-Java-Indonesia Bromo Ijen Tumpak Sewu Tour Package From Surabaya

Imagine venturing into the deep darkness and descending into a volcanic crater engulfed by the blackness of night.

The rugged terrain is revealed by the moonlight, outlining the figures of miners beneath the twinkling stars. Yet, there is another guiding force besides the darkness.

As you venture further, a remarkable sight awaits: the floor of the crater is illuminated by mesmerizing blue flames/blue fire, flickering like ethereal beings. This stunning phenomenon is famously known as the blue fire of the Ijen Crater.

Fueling the flames (Ijen Crater Blue Fire)

It is not magic, but rather natural science that causes this phenomenon. Beneath the Earth’s surface, there are volcanic gases abundant in sulfur that ascend to the top.

When these gases come into contact with air, they ignite and produce captivating electric-blue flames that can reach a height of up to five meters.

Observing this spectacle feels like being transported to an entirely different world, a striking contrast to the surrounding darkness.!

The Challenging Journey

To reach this amazing spectacle, one must have great determination and stamina. The adventure starts with a demanding hike of 2-3 hours during the night, traversing steep and uneven paths hidden in darkness.

The thin air and chilly temperatures make it even more physically demanding. However, do not be discouraged, as the reward awaiting you at the end of this journey far surpasses the effort put in.

Choose Your Surabaya Bromo Ijen Tumpak Sewu Tour Package Duration for an Adventurous Experience!!

Mount-Bromo-Sunrise-East-Java-Photo Bromo Ijen Tumpak Sewu Tour Package From Surabaya

  • 4-Day Bromo Ijen Tumpak Sewu Tour Package Surabaya

This option is the most popular as it provides a comprehensive experience in a concise manner.

You will have the opportunity to see the stunning Bromo sunrise, visit the unique Ijen Crater, and be amazed by the breathtaking Tumpak Sewu waterfalls. This tour includes all the main attractions, while also being cost-effective.!

  • 5-Day Bromo Ijen Tumpak Sewu Tour Package Exploration from Surabaya

Looking for a more relaxed and immersive experience? Choose the 5-day tour package. This option allows for an extra day to discover the diverse landscapes and hidden treasures in Bromo and Ijen.

It also provides an opportunity to delve deeper into the local culture and fully appreciate the enchanting beauty of Tumpak Sewu.!

  • 6-Day Bromo Ijen Tumpak Sewu Tour Journey from Surabaya.

Bromo Ijen Tumpak Sewu Tour Package Surabaya 6-day tour is perfect for avid adventurers who want to delve deeper into the wonders of Bromo, Ijen, and Tumpak Sewu.

Explore lesser-known trails in Bromo, witness the enchanting dance of the blue fire in Ijen for a longer period, and uncover hidden waterfalls in Tumpak Sewu. Get ready for an immersive journey filled with unforgettable experiences.!

Explore Bromo Ijen Tumpak Sewu Tour Package from Surabaya

Best-Time-To-Visit-Bromo-Ijen-Tumpak-Sewu-Waterfall-East-Java Bromo Ijen Tumpak Sewu Tour Package From Surabaya

Discover Bromo Ijen Tumpak Sewu Tour Package from Surabaya 4 Day 3 Night / 5 Day 4 Night tailored to your preferences and private budget. Opt for a 4-day 3-night thrilling experience or a more laid-back 5-day 4-night option. Benefit from comfortable car or jeep transfers and enjoy cozy accommodations to suit your liking.

Our packages cover entrance fees, skilled guides, and all essential activities, allowing you to focus on creating lasting memories.

Whether you seek adventure or relaxation, we have the ideal package to meet your requirements. Additionally, enhance your journey with extras like a homestay experience and traditional cultural performances for an enriching Javanese encounter.!

Here is the route plan for this trip Surabaya Tumpak Sewu Ijen Bromo Tour Package Surabaya 4 Day 3 Night (4D3N)

Highlights of Bromo Ijen Tour Package from Surabaya 4 Day 3 Night / 4D3N:

  1. Witness Majestic Waterfalls: Marvel at the cascading beauty of Tumpak Sewu Waterfall and explore the hidden wonders of Tetes Cave.
  2. Sunrise Spectacle: Capture the breathtaking panorama of Mount Bromo bathed in the golden hues of sunrise.
  3. Otherworldly Encounter: Embark on a thrilling nighttime hike to the Ijen Crater and witness the mesmerizing phenomenon of the Blue Fire.
  4. Relax and Recharge: Immerse yourself in the serenity of nature with comfortable accommodations at Mount Bromo and Bondowoso, enjoying delicious meals along the way.
  5. Disconnect to Reconnect: Escape the everyday and reconnect with nature’s stunning beauty and breathtaking vistas.

Itinerary of Mout Bromo Ijen Tumpak Sewu Tour Package from Surabaya 4 Day - 4D3N

This 4-day trip from Surabaya includes the Tumpak Sewu Waterfall, Mount Bromo, and the Ijen Crater.

Enjoy a comfortable overnight stay in Bromo and Bondowoso/Banyuwangi. Choose from tour options with drop-off in Banyuwangi, Bali, or Surabaya.

Hiking-Bromo-Ijen-Tumpak-Sewu-Watefall Bromo Ijen Tumpak Sewu Tour Package From Surabaya


The first day of the trip, Bromo Ijen Tumpak Sewu Tour Package from Surabaya will be started from Surabaya.

The best starting time is before midday, so we will have time to enjoy Jodipan Rainbow Village in Malang. The journey from Surabaya to Malang takes about 2-3 hours.

Then we drive another 2 hours to reach our homestay in Tumpak Sewu Waterfall area.

Start your Indonesian adventure with this exciting first day itinerary! Arrive at Surabaya Juanda Airport or stay in the city before noon to make the most of your time.

Please find below details regarding the proposed excursion:

  • Departure time: before noon
  • Pick-up point: hotel, train station, airport
  • Exploration of Jodipan, a colourful village

Bromo-Ijen-Tumpak-Sewu-Jodipan-Colourfull-Village-1 Bromo Ijen Tumpak Sewu Tour Package From Surabaya

Surabaya to Tumpak Sewu Waterfall higligths

Jodipan Rainbow Village: Colourful Charm

  • Your first stop is the Jodipan Rainbow Village in Malang, Indonesia. The houses in this village are painted in bright colours, creating a whimsical atmosphere.
  • Take your time strolling through the streets, snapping photos, and soaking up the unique charm.
    A Scenic Journey to Tumpak Sewu Waterfall
  • After your visit to the Rainbow Village, drive for two hours to the Tumpak Sewu Waterfall area. As you travel, enjoy the breathtaking landscapes of East Java.
  • Relax and recharge at your waterfall getaway.
  • Your final destination for the day is your homestay near the awe-inspiring Tumpak Sewu Waterfall.

Travel tips:

  1. An early start is recommended to allow time for each location.
  2. The drives from Surabaya to Malang and Malang to Tumpak Sewu Waterfall take about 2-3 hours each. Plan for this.


Adventure awaits as you conquer the awe-inspiring Tumpak Sewu Waterfall! This itinerary is optimized for search and provides a clear picture of your trip’s highlights.

Mt-Bromo-Tumpak-Sewu-Waterfall-Tour Bromo Ijen Tumpak Sewu Tour Package From Surabaya

Please find below details regarding the proposed excursion:

  1. Departure time: 06.00 Am
  2. Pick-up point: Hotel/Homestay
  3. Exploration of Tumpak Sewu Waterfall
  • 6:00 AM: Fuel Up and Embrace the Morning Light
  • 6:15 AM: See a breathtaking view

Go to the Panorama viewpoint, where you’ll see the Tumpak Sewu Waterfall. Take a moment to capture the scene with Mount Semeru in the background.

  • 7:00 AM: Descend into wonder: A guided waterfall trek

Join your local guide for a 2-3 hour descent to the base of the waterfall. The private Bromo Ijen Tumpak Sewu Tour Package from Surabaya is ready to explore Tumpak Sewu, with three hours to spend there and at (Tumpak Sewu Waterfall, Tebing Nirva/cliffs of nirvana and Gua Tetes Waterfall).

  • 9:00 AM: Refresh and recharge

After conquering the descent, return to the parking lot for a rest. Change into fresh clothes and relax.

  • 10:00 AM: Enjoy local cuisine at a local restaurant.

Strategic Stopover: Bondowoso or Banyuwangi

  • Option 1: Bondowoso (Recommended)

11:00 AM – 4:00 PM: Enjoy a scenic 4-5 hour drive to Bondowoso Town, your convenient base for exploring Ijen Crater and Mount Bromo on subsequent days. Upon arrival, check in to your hotel, relax, and enjoy some free time.

  • Option 2: Banyuwangi

11:00 AM – 4:00 PM: For those prioritising proximity to Ijen Crater, you can opt for a 5-6 hour drive to Banyuwangi. While closer to Ijen, this option requires a longer travel time to reach Mount Bromo afterward.

  • 6:00 PM: Relax and Reflect


Prepare yourself for a once-in-a-lifetime experience as you embark on a midnight trek to witness the mesmerising Ijen Blue Fire. This Mount Ijen Blue FIre itinerary is perfect for your holiday in East Java Indonesia

  • Departure time : 00.00 am (Midnight)
  • Pick up from hotel to Paltuding (Ijen basement trek)
  • Explore Mount Ijen Blue Fire

The Midnight Ijen Blue Fire Adventure (00:00 AM – Bondowoso Town / 00:30 AM – Sempol Village)

Please be advised that this is an unforgettable pre-dawn adventure. Depending on your accommodation location (Bondowoso Town or Sempol Village), your departure time will be either midnight or 00:00 AM.

ijen-blue-fire-hiking-trek Bromo Ijen Tumpak Sewu Tour Package From Surabaya

Gearing Up and Starting the Ascent

Our journey begins at the Paltuding parking area (Mount Ijen Parking Lot), where you will have time to prepare your hiking gear before setting off on the trek.

Moderate Hike with Diverse Terrain (1.5 – 2 Hours)

The hike to the Blue Fire point takes approximately 2 hours and requires moderate physical fitness. The path can be divided into three sections:

  1. Section 1: A relatively easy and gradual climb for the first kilometre.
  2. Section 2: A steeper ascent leading to the volcano’s peak.
  3. Section 3: A final descent to the Blue Fire point, which is a narrow, rocky, and slippery path. Please follow your guide’s instructions carefully for safety reasons.

Please note that the Ijen Blue Fire Phenomenon is visible for approximately 20-35 minutes, it depend on the wind blows for making the sulfuric gas goes to another site so you can view tha blue fire.

Upon reaching the Blue Fire point, you will have approximately 20-35 minutes to observe the otherworldly beauty of the electric blue flames. Please be aware that due to the active volcano’s potential for gas emissions, we must limit our time here.

Sunrise Over Ijen Crater: A Breathtaking Spectacle (5:30 AM – 7:00 AM)

As dawn approaches, you will have the opportunity to witness a breathtaking spectacle as the sun rises from the east, casting a magical light on the Ijen Crater and its surrounding landscape. You will be able to enjoy this panoramic view until around 7:00 AM.

Mount-Ijen-Volcano-Sunrise-and-Blue-FIre-Indonesia Bromo Ijen Tumpak Sewu Tour Package From Surabaya


Descent and Return to Base Camp

Once the sunrise has been captured, we will begin our descent back to the Paltuding parking area.

From there, you will return to your accommodation for a well-deserved breakfast and some time to freshen up.

We will then proceed to Mount Bromo (10.00 AM – estimated 5-6 hours).

By 10:00 AM, we will be ready to embark on the next leg of your journey, which will take approximately 5-6 hours.

The detailed Mount Ijen Blue Fire Tour Itinearay:
  • Your pre-dawn adventure begins at midnight with a drive from your hotel to the Paltuding parking area.
  • Meet your guide and start the trek (2am)
  • Upon arrival at Paltuding, you’ll meet your guide who will brief you and ensure you’re ready for the trek. Then, you’ll walk 3 km to the Blue Fire point.
  • See the Ijen Blue Fire & Sunrise Spectacle (4:00 AM – 6:30 AM)
  • At 4:00 AM, see the blue fire erupting from the crater. Then, watch the sunrise paint the Ijen Crater and surrounding green lake in vibrant hues.
  • Descent and Return to Base Camp (06:30 AM – 08:00 AM)
  • After the sunrise, we’ll go back to the car park. You’ll then go back to your hotel for breakfast and a rest.
  • Scenic Journey to Mount Bromo (11:00 AM – 5-6 Hours)
  • By 11:00 AM, we’ll be ready to drive to Mount Bromo. Relax and enjoy the beautiful landscapes for approximately 5-6 hours.
  • Rest and lunch (1 pm), We’ll stop for a restroom break and lunch.
  • Arrival at Hotel near Mount Bromo (5 pm)
  • You’ll arrive at your hotel near Mount Bromo in the village of Cemoro Lawang by 5 pm. Get settled, relax, and get ready for your next adventure on Mount Bromo!



Get ready for an amazing final day as you see the sunrise over Mount Bromo and explore this volcanic wonder! This itinerary is easy to understand and shows what to do on the day.

  1. Mount-Bromo-Sunrise-East-Java-Photo Bromo Ijen Tumpak Sewu Tour Package From SurabayaDeparture time : 03.00 am
  2. Pick up from hotel to Bromo Sunrise Viewpoint / Mount Bromo Tour
  3. Explore Mount Bromo East Java
  • Early rise for a great sunrise (3:00 AM), We start the day at 3:00 AM. This ensures we get a good spot for the sunrise at King Kong Hill.

Reaching King Kong Hill: Early Departure (55-minute Drive) The early departure lets us find the closest parking spot near King Kong Hill, so we don’t have to walk far to the viewpoint.

  • Enjoy the sunrise (5:00 AM – 6:00 AM)

When you arrive at King Kong Hill Penanjakan Sunrise Viewpoint Bromo, have a coffee or tea from the local shops while you wait for the sunrise.

  • By 5:00 AM, be ready to see the sun paint the sky with colours, illuminating Mount Bromo and the surrounding landscape.
  • Jeep Adventure on the Sea of Sand & Photo Stop (7:00 AM)

After the sunrise, we’ll go back to the sea of sand in our jeep. You can appreciate the vastness of this volcanic landscape now that it’s light. We’ll make a stop for a photo with your jeep.

  • Trekking Up Mount Bromo (Optional Horseback Riding Available)

Our driver will take you to the jeep parking area, where you start the trek up Mount Bromo. The trek takes about 35-60 minutes.

Alternatively, you can choose a horseback ride (at your own expense) for a more relaxed journey (approximately USD 25 for a round trip).

Conquering the Summit and Descent (Followed by Breakfast & Check-out)

  • Once you’ve reached the summit, we’ll descend back to your accommodation for breakfast and a chance to freshen up before our onward journey.

Scenic Return Journey to Surabaya (3-4 Hours)

  • By lunchtime, we’ll be ready to drive back to Surabaya City or Surabaya Airport, which takes approximately 3-4 hours.

Optional Program: Madakaripura Waterfall (En Route to Surabaya)

If you have a late evening flight or an extra night in Surabaya, consider visiting the magnificent Madakaripura Waterfall (additional cost applies). You can research photos online to see its beauty. Just let your guide know if you want to visit the waterfall, and they’ll help you arrange it.


Video and Gallery of Bromo Ijen Tumpak Sewu Trip

Choosing the Right Departure Dates (Best Time To Visit)

A Bromo Ijen Tumpak Sewu Tour Package Surabaya 4 Day /4D3N is an amazing experience, but choosing the right departure date can really make it better. Here’s a breakdown to help you pick the perfect timing for your adventure:

For the Best Weather:

  • Dry Season (April – October): This period boasts clear skies, perfect for capturing stunning sunrise panoramas at Bromo and witnessing the mesmerizing Blue Fire at Ijen Crater without rain hindering visibility.
    For Fewer Crowds:
  • Shoulder Seasons (March & November): While experiencing some occasional rain showers, these months offer a quieter travel experience with potentially lower tour prices.
  • For Specific Events: Yadnya Kasada Ceremony (around July): This unique Hindu festival involves throwing offerings into the crater of Mount Bromo. Participating in this cultural event adds another dimension to your adventure (be prepared for larger crowds).

Just a heads-up on some travel tips and essentials for your Bromo Ijen Tumpak Sewu tour package from Surabaya Adventure.

While you’re chasing the sunrise at Tumpak Sewu Waterfall, Mount Bromo and Ijen’s otherworldly blue flames, be prepared for chilly mornings! Temperatures can dip down to around 10-13 degrees Celsius (50-55 degrees Fahrenheit) during sunrise, especially with wind. Here’s what to pack to make sure you have a comfortable and enjoyable adventure:

Bromo, Ijen & Tumpak Sewu Adventure: Essential Trip Information

Mount-Bromo-and-Ijen-Volcano-Trip-East-Java-Indonesia Bromo Ijen Tumpak Sewu Tour Package From Surabaya

Weather Conditions

Dress comfortably for diverse temperatures throughout your trip:

  • Mount Bromo & Kawah Ijen Volcano: Expect chilly mornings (around 10-13°C) during sunrise, especially with wind. Pack warm layers accordingly.
  • Tumpak Sewu Waterfall: Mornings are mild (20-22°C).
  • Jodipan Rainbow Village: Enjoy warm afternoons (27-30°C).
  • Group Type: Private Tour
  • Fitness Level: Moderate physical fitness is recommended for trekking activities.
  • Guides & Languages: English-speaking tour guides will be with you throughout the trip.

Packing Essentials

  1. Footwear: Sturdy walking shoes (trekking, running, or hiking) are essential.
  2. Clothing: Pack warm layers (long pants, scarf, jacket, hoody) for chilly mornings at Bromo and Ijen.
  3. Rain Gear: A raincoat and wet wipes are handy (purchasable at gas stations or convenience stores during stops).
  4. Sun Protection: Pack a cap or hat.
  5. Daypack: Bring a small backpack to carry essentials on hikes.
  6. Identification: Keep a personal ID card (or photocopy) handy.
  7. Photography Gear: Consider bringing a tripod and extra batteries for capturing those perfect moments.
  8. Power Bank: Ensure your devices stay charged throughout the trip.
  9. Tumpak Sewu Waterfall: Pack a wetsuit if you plan to swim beneath the falls.

Important Booking Information

  1. Travel Insurance: Please note that travel insurance is your personal responsibility.
  2. Tour Type: This is a private tour, meaning you’ll enjoy a personalized experience with just your group.
  3. Health Considerations: This tour is not recommended for individuals with back problems, expecting mothers, or those with heart problems or serious medical conditions.

By packing appropriately and understanding these details, you’re well on your way to an unforgettable adventure!

Travel Tips and Important Dates of Bromo Ijen Tumpak Sewu Tour Package

east-java-adventour-trip-indonesia Bromo Ijen Tumpak Sewu Tour Package From Surabaya
  • Plan Your Dates Wisely: Be aware that Kawah Ijen Crater closes every Friday of the first week of each month. Additionally, Mount Bromo closes for religious purposes during specific periods throughout the year, including Megeng (Silent Day) in January and June, and Kasada in June.
  • Fitness Level: This tour involves moderate physical fitness for trekking activities.
  • Tumpak Sewu Accessibility: Reaching the viewpoint at Tumpak Sewu requires a walk of about 500 meters from the parking lot. Descending to the waterfall base involves a path, stairs, and a short walk along the river (approximately 1 kilometer).
  • Mount Bromo with Children: Mount Bromo is considered a family-friendly destination with a relatively easy hiking trail.
  • Ijen Crater’s Unpredictable Nature: During the wet season, volcanic activity near the crater can increase. Authorities may close the trail to the Blue Flame or even the entire site for safety reasons if gas toxicity reaches dangerous levels. Be prepared for nature’s unpredictable nature when visiting Ijen. 

By packing appropriately and following these tips, you’re all set for an incredible adventure!

Your All-Inclusive Bromo, Ijen & Tumpak Sewu Tour!

Embrace the beauty of East Java with this comprehensive Bromo Ijen Tumpak Sewu Tour Package Surabaya 4-day tour package! Witness the iconic Mount Bromo sunrise, marvel at the mesmerizing Ijen Blue Fire, and be captivated by the majestic Tumpak Sewu Waterfall.

This itinerary details what’s included and excluded to ensure a smooth and enjoyable travel experience.

What’s Included (IDR)?

  • Convenient Transportation: Relax and enjoy the scenery with private land transportation, including a driver and fuel for the entire 4-day trip.
  • Comfortable Accommodations: Enjoy comfortable stays with 3 nights of accommodation, including breakfast, in the following locations:
    • 1 night near Tumpak Sewu Waterfall
    • 1 night in Bondowoso Town (convenient base for Ijen Crater)
    • 1 night near Mount Bromo
  • Expert Guidance: Benefit from the knowledge and expertise of a private English-speaking guide throughout your 4-day adventure.
  • Unforgettable Experiences:
    Explore Tumpak Sewu Waterfall, including entrance fees.
  • Witness the vibrant colors of Jodipan Rainbow Village (entrance fee included).
  • Embark on a thrilling Ijen Blue Fire tour with a gas mask provided for safety.
  • Experience the magic of Mount Bromo with a private jeep tour and entrance fees.
  • Cover all parking fees and enjoy complimentary bottled water throughout the trip.

Please Note (IDR Not Included):

  • Travel Insurance: Securing travel insurance is highly recommended for your peace of mind.
  • Meals: Lunch and dinner expenses are not included in the package price. You’ll have the freedom to explore various culinary options throughout your trip.
  • Gratuities: Tipping your driver and guide is a thoughtful way to show appreciation for their exceptional service (optional).
    Planning with Confidence

By clearly outlining what’s included and excluded, you can confidently plan your budget and prepare for an unforgettable East Java adventure (Bromo Ijen Tumpak Sewu Tour Package from Surabaya 4 Day / 4D3N!

Ready to Ignite Your Bromo Ijen Adventure Trip, contact us NOW?

The landscapes, fiery phenomenon and sunrise are all waiting for you! Are you ready to embark on your unforgettable Mount Bromo Ijen Tumpak Sewu Tour Package 4 Day?

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We’re here to answer any further questions you may have and help you plan your dream adventure. Feel free to reach out to us through the following methods:

Booking Options:

Book your spot on this incredible tour with ease! We offer several booking options for your convenience:

  • Online Booking: Visit our website and complete our secure online booking form.
  • Phone Booking: Give us a message with a friendly representative and book your tour over the phone/WhatsApp.
  • Email Booking: Send us an email with your preferred travel dates and any questions you might have. We’ll be happy to assist you with booking.

Don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! Contact us today and let’s start planning your unforgettable Bromo Ijen Tour adventure.

Contact to Bromo Ijen Tumpak Sewu Tour Address : Dsn.Krajan Rt.Rw.06.02 Ds.Rejosari, Kec. Glagah, Banyuwangi, East Java, Indonesia 68432, Telp & WhatsApp : +62 812-3804-2102 Email : gigehstikom@gmail.com

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